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February 23, 2007


Charles Edward Frith

Any chance of seeing the original John?


Attached is a book review on Mavericks at Work by Taylor and LaBarre. The point of the book is to show how originality is critical to creating winning business strategy.

What's interesting in relation to Out of Control is the number of businesses taking a lead from the open-source movement. Originally started by software companies who made code for their products freely available so anyone could play with it and improve it, the idea is now being copied by other companies.

For example, The Goldcorp mining company put all its private data about one of its goldfields online and offered a $1/2m prize for the best proposal. Other companies including Boeing, P&G, London Underground and Dupont are posting problems online and getting innovative ideas from people far removed from their businesses. Another example is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival whose organiser’s set-up a framework but has no say over who the acts will be.

All examples of businesses embracing being out of control.


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