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January 16, 2007



I am half a stone heavier, I can't stop eating and my curls have dropped so much in this crap weather I look like I've been dragged through a bush backwards - rather than looking as though I spent hours perfecting this desired 'casual' look!

So today I do not hold the view of 'good karma'. And after reading those two joyous posts, alluding to the fact my chosen career path is doomed, I started to post a BIG rant. I then read an article in my lunch hour which restored my mirth.

My sister and I, to the disgust of my mother, have been subscribers/advocates for years and spread the love among friends, and a chosen few at work. So for a non-sensitive solution, please read the article below. If you're smiling like I am now then maybe I can return to my state of good karma... after all, I did share this little ray of light with you!


P.S Also thinking the documentary maybe a prime sponsorship opp for a few Brands


On a happier note, an article from Simon Marquis in the Guardian discussing The Future of Advertising and Agencies from the IPA, in which he writes:

Are agencies doomed then? No. They will survive and prosper and here's why. One, economics. The world is getting richer. Even the old economies are growing while the new ones are flying. Advertising and promotion are the oil that lubricates growth, and the IPA report recognises this by predicting 6% per annum growth in UK adspend over the next 10 years. Two, the 21st century loves - devours - media. Ours is the most media-literate generation the world has ever seen and advertising will continue to finance most of the burgeoning media the world consumes. Three, in such a complex environment, client companies will need guiding through the maze of opportunities. They will not find the best routes themselves - agencies are far better-placed to provide that expertise. Four, creativity. With product differentiation becoming harder, the requirement for originality in advertising is greater than ever. Five, and most importantly, the track record of agencies over the past 50 years shows that they adapt to the changes affecting consumers and clients. Why should the sector not respond to the challenges of the next 10 years?

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