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This blog is not a blog, in the sense that they were originally intended, i.e. as a diary.

Instead 'almost nothing' is a collection of stuff that I think that you, the employees of Grey London, might find stimulating, interesting and maybe useful as you go about your jobs.

It's not really meant for consumption outside of the agency, but if it leaks out that doesn't matter.

Please, please comment on anything on the blog.

And please don't worry about honing anything you say. One of the rules of brainstorming is that you should let everything that comes into your head, come out of your mouth. No matter how daft it sounds, it might spark more thoughts, in your head or other people's. So a 'rule' of this blog should be to let everything that comes into your head find its way into the comments at the end of the posts.

Enjoy John L.