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January 19, 2007



all the evidence i've seen suggests that those households who actually bother to get a PVR watch much more TV than other households, and much more 'live TV'. so even though they do x32 through some of the ad breaks, they view more ads than traditional viewing households. and TV viewing amongst 16-20 year olds is up YOY. maybe the 'end of tv' debate is no more than the latest craze. video and DVD have been around for years, but didn't kill cinema. podcasts won't kill the radio. pvr's won't kill TV. the truth is there still aren't enough good programmes/films out there to make all of your viewing retrospective, so you'll always have to end up watching some live, and therefore watching some ads.


I'm not sure I agree actually Dougie.

My kids have already learned to pause a show before it begins, go and load up with scoff, then catch up with the real world during the ad breaks. At X64.

Also there's a problem with free to air TV's business model. This makes a tipping point, as opposed to an even slide, a more likely scenario. (I think, anyway.) Look at the problems C4 is having in the 'Houston' post.


Nothing to do with advertising, but seeing as we're talking about new kit.

I've just got a portable DAB radio with a hard disc. Does all the same stuff as Sky+, I can pause, fastfoward and rewind live radio, it has an EPG which means I can record shows at the touch of a button. Sounds good too.

Plus it means I can skip the ads.

Charles Edward Frith

So in summary, more content and less ads. That's good isn't it. Thanks for the Humax box tip. I'm loath to line Murdochs pockets.

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